Dalton Jefferson moved to Paralake City in 2014 and has since been a member of the PLPD (residing in almost all branches and rising to the rank of Lieutenant), he worked closely with the City Council in developing new legislation and wording for legislation for the Paralake Penal Code.

He now works as a Junior Editor for ParalakeNews after leaving his career as a legal expert.

Dalton's political views are centre-right field and is a staunch opposer of the Paralake Independence Party (PLIP) led by Sam Duffy.


Viewpoints: A New Update Released Today!

17:10:50 25/10/20

Dalton Jefferson examines the finer details of today's update prior to trying it out!

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New 'Drug Baron' Enters Paralake Crime Underworld!

23:30:49 17/09/20

Paralake's drug scene continues to grow with a new supplier!

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Paralake City Council’s Roundabout Ends in Catastrophe!

14:07:37 15/09/20

Paralake City Council's Jefferson St Roundabout ends in trauma for all!

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