We all know who flugs is. An ex staff member that resigned 2 times and is now an honorary member in the community. His record has been relatively clean except of a ban back in 2018, and he was considered a role model for all players in regard to his behavior until yesterday (03.09.2021) when he did the unthinkable.

On that day flugs received 2 warnings and a ban, because he disconnected in the middle of a role play situation and prop-pushed a car.  PLN messaged him and asked him about what had happened that night, and he explained his actions: "there wasn’t any reason for what i did, i was just cocking about and i said some shit like “oh it’s be funny if you warned me” i was very drunk!". He also shared with us that his Honorary rank got wiped, because of his behavior.

His profile was bombarded by community members who were in shock of what had happened, at this point everyone thought that everything is over and that flugs just decided to minge around once and have a laugh, but we were all wrong. On 04.09.2021 flugs was banned for 1 week for the following reason: "1.2 - Using racial slurs after a slew of previous rules violations." by the senior administrator Collier. PLN contacted flugs once again to ask him if he recalls that situation and what he said that night and to explain to us what was going through his mind at that time and what his opinion is on the ban.

PLN: "Are you still going to play PERP after this ban and do you think the situation was handled properly?"

flugs: "I'm not gonna boycott perp and I never planned on leaving on a sour note, I just had some drinks with friends and came home with a bad idea. I've not got anything out for any of the involved staff members, what happened really was me just being weird when I was drunk. However, I don't see how this harmless behaviour warranted such a reaction and I don't fully understand the intentions of the ban. Regardless, I understand that rules are rules and I am just as accountable as anyone."

PLN: "Do you have any idea what you said that night?"

flugs: "Administrator H. James said that "Flugs was banned from the server after evaluating the comments he made in an out of character context" and that "Logs showed disturbing findings""

This left the PLN team wondering what really happened that night and what did flugs really say. 

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