TinySlayer unveiled the new update yesterday that was released this morning after the restart, it brought massive overhauls to various elements of the game including:

The Police Department with much-needed additions for supervisors and for prisoner transport (a long-standing issue for police officers as they try to transport detainees with smaller vehicles), new DNA Uploading, and more!

Vehicles will now sustain damage from falling from a height as well as finally making the car alarm sound much quieter.

Changes to weapons and raiding tactics

As well as some quality of life changes


Police Department

On the question of the Police Department updates, it is likely that there will be very little controversy surrounding the addition of supervisor markings to police vehicles, they allow supervisors to maintain a degree of conspicuousness as to their position and are able to choose a wider variety of vehicles to suit their needs. As for the introduction of the prisoner transport Ford Transit, this reporter sees this as having the potential to cause more problems when a new object is added to the game for the police, they regularly jump to every opportunity to use it, this will mean that the police may be less effective in responding to incidents as a result of its introduction.

The addition of units into the game is unlikely to be something positive, this is not hard to do in itself as an officer, this is more likely to cause officers to become disgruntled if another officer joins their unit and they have to return to the PD to fetch them. However, one can easily sit at a desk within the PD to move into another unit should they see fit.

Changes in In-Game Mechanics

The PERPHeads development team have responded to the long calls for changes in raiding tactics, most importantly, the 'Esports' style sprint and crouch jump into a building, this has been nerfed through making it so that players who sprint jump with a firearm in their hands will not go as far as they historically did. Ben Standish-Gore (one of the main actors calling for change in this area) had this to say:

"It has turned the game from the historic bizarre, unrealistic method of raiding employed by some players into a more carefully planned and realistic method of raiding. We have been calling for this for some time, it's nice to see that our petitioning has made some positive change on the community."

- Ben Standish-Gore on the nerfing of sprint jumping with weapons.

As for weapons, the main concern is the change in knockback for items, could this result in more instances where people fumble over props when they're shot? This is only to be seen after a few weeks of living with the update. 

The changes to windows was in response to a post made by ALOO89 (Leonard Mayfair) earlier this week, after some discussion on the methods of how to make this change within the thread itself, it was decided that changes would be made to 'player settings' whether this means that there have been some changes within the console (as mentioned by ShadowJoey with the grass in the forest) or if there is some other changes will be revealed in a later interview.


With the new changes to vehicles, it is likely that the reduction in the volume of the car alarms will be welcome, it has long been a trend for players to type 'stopsound' in the console immediately after hearing a car alarm go off, but now, they might listen out for it rather than turning it off immediately. As for the damage sustained from height, this reporter cannot see anywhere on the map where this would be necessary and I see it as having more potential to cause problems (for example, where an administrator picks up a car and drops it from height resulting in it sustaining expensive damage). It will nonetheless be interesting to see how this will affect anything other than the damage sustained from physgun abuse.

All we can say is that we are really looking forward to see what effect this will have on the community itself, whether some of these will be a force for good? Or whether it will just increase the number of refund requests? Only time will tell!

Written by Dalton Jefferson (Murtsley), a longstanding member of the PLPD and member of the community.

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