Amid Samuel's resignation, what's the future for the PLPD?

After Head of Development Samuel resigned from PD and created a forum post calling out the SMT and CoD Collier, many more members of PLPD Command have come forward to criticize collier and the way the PD is being run.

Throughout this forum post, Samuel and others who replied highlighted the issues within the PD, and the reasons for its recent downfall, citing Collier's absence as the main reason, with many calling for his resignation or return. No matter your opinion on the matter, everyone agrees Collier needs to address this at the least.

Due to this recent turmoil, many plans within the PLPD have halted completely, including V2 and many needed proposed changes being left on hold until a CoD can lead the SMT.

In an exclusive interview with a senior member of PLPD, who chose to stay anonymous, we discuss all these issues.

Exclusive interview*:

Starting simple, could you explain the current issues within the PD, SMT and specifically the CoD?

The PD has had loads of different issues over the years normally being left to die or resolved yet due to the extremity of what’s happened recently these issues have become more apparent. We face a crisis within the PD that is running on a short fuse, the result of that could be enough to kill the PD off.

The factors in this span way further than just losing Samuel and a lack of interest or availability has played a major part over the past few months now, unfortunately, there is consideration about how the PD will progress and if any drastic actions will need to take place in order to resolve this.

The simple thing is, the PD requires a Senior Management Team who all show the dedication, care and interest in helping the PD and right now there are limitations there throughout


Could you build on what needs to happen for the PD to be fixed?

There are 2 options really for the first steps to positive change. Either a change in leadership or a significant improvement in leadership, none of these would come lightly being that means either a full review in SMT or a recruitment drive for 1 or more roles.

Following that the main concern needs to be the current handling of the progress we were making and how that would be managed with the likes of v2

Overall there needs to be a full review on all issues past the current leadership status


Why and how has the current CoD (Collier) failed to perform their duties?

A lack of interest. It's been pretty clear since the start the current CoD has had some dedication issues whether this is due to other commitments or what will probably never be revealed however this has now become a bigger issue than it was believed as some major tasks have clearly very easily fallen through the net leaving the PD in a very undesirable position. This seems to have left a lot more strain on the SMT than intended in order to pick up these pieces


Do you see any issues with SMT other than the current CoD?

There are definitely some things that could do with improvement but overall it seems like there is some reasonable functionality. A quicker response to this situation could have definitely been beneficial however there is progress and that's better than nothing. Unfortunately, we can't expect 100% activity and attendance so there are some cracks that could be filled, better communication internally and externally etc however this is just a small problem in a big list.


Is it fair to assume that these issues would be easily overcome with an improvement in CoD, whether that's a new candidate or Collier dedicating more time?

Certainly, regarding the current situation with losing the Head of Development Services there would be some benefit in having someone at the top to manage this sort of thing as overall it's their PD so to have a member of SMT responsible for handling the transfer of necessary systems seems a bit impractical.

Any improvement from a Chief of Department needs to be about motivating and pushing everyone to start making the positive changes required including themselves.


Are these issues within SMT and CoD halting development of V2 as well as the planned/proposed changes?

not directly however the handle of the ongoing situation hasn't helped at all. SMT was trying their best to start making these changes happen, development was going forward etc however that was halted due to there being a review on how this should continue and be managed following Samuel leaving, the plans that were made during the resignation period were thrown out of the window due to people not committing to them, therefore, a further review as to whether that is still possible had to happen. Plans are starting to move back underway and hopefully the halt will be lifted very soon


Do you think Collier will address these issues, and how do you think he will do so?

I hope this is addressed in some way and not simply thrown out as there needs to be some form of communication. This could be as simple as admitting to any mistakes and displaying a plan on how to change them no matter what that is. The situation was never meant to cause problems or as a method to remove Collier from his position but more to address the clear issues we are facing and communicate how people actually feel it's being handled.


Do you think SA will step in if Collier fails to address this? How do you think they will step in? Forced resignation?

I believe some form of intervention is necessary if it gets to such a stage they feel it has to happen however I don't believe I can comment on whether or how this would be done, I have confidence those who are in the position to intervene will do so if they see it as necessary.


Do you believe SA may hesitate to intervene due to Collier being a member of SA as well as being friends with the majority of SA?

I don't personally see that as a concern and I trust those who could deal with this would do so in an unbiased and fair manner to resolve it appropriately.

Do you think Collier should resign?

I don't believe it fair to comment on what action Collier should take as I trust he knows what should be done but it's clear some form of action needs to happen even if that, unfortunately, means stepping down.


Do you think his failure to address these issues is negatively affecting the PD?

It certainly doesn't help the PD, some form of communication would be very much beneficial to everyone including his own department. At this point everyone is in the department knows about the same so there could very easily be a negative affect.


Moving forward, what's next for the PD?

I think its fairly obvious a CoD election is required, with many calling for colliers resignation and an election starting at the earliest possible time.

Though, what's obvious is something has to happen, will this result in Collier's resignation and who's next for CoD if so?

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08:58:17 09/09/20