Chief of Department has announced an opening for Head of Operations Services a couple of days back, this position will help the PD develop further and expand by creating more innovative ideas. Here at Paralake News, we spoke to the Chief of the department and a couple of applicants to see what they think:

McGlinchy (Chief of Department Janice McGlinchy):

"Basically it's anyone's game, we're expecting more applications to be submitted but for now it's looking like an interesting candidate pool, there are no plans for urgency, we want to build the pool up to its full potential to ensure we make the correct decisions. We encourage anyone who is eligible to put themselves forward if they're interested and best of luck to all candidates."

Mimball (Captain Jimmy Brown): 

"I do think I meet the requirements as an applicant for this role. I have almost a year of command experience within General Operations. I will be bothered to spend time with this role since I got my command role I have maintained a very consistent amount of activity and as most people will know always able to find in-game or contact when needed. I have put the last year into PD and will continue to do so even if I don't get this role." Captain Brown also acknowledged that he does not have any ideas for the future in mind at the first glance, but if there will be they implied that it will mostly be towards the beneficial points of PD and what the people want to see. They also wished all the applicants good luck and hoped for the best.

GamingPeach (David Peach):

"I have a real decent activity and have been a part of command for a while now, I check in within regularly and keep up with the news. I have an awful lot of plans, but the best way I can describe my initial plans, it is to dramatically improve the levels of service from the entire General Operations Unit as a whole, so it is not specific to one area. Mainly focusing on Traffic and TFU, the patrol will take a different type of approach and dispatch I'd like to focus heavily and sorely at the moment on dispatch and their activity. And how I can prove that I have my own plans, I hope the candidate that's chosen is someone whos appropriate for the role."

Double J (Lieutenant Jimmy Jackson): 

"Everyone has an equal chance of getting through." Lieutenant Jackson mentioned that they will be "botherably" available if they take the open position, they have also stood on the point that they are fit for the position and will perform their best if they achieve to get to Major.

Now that we have heard about most of the candidates that are currently running for Head of Operations, it is going to be a long shot as the Chief said they want to make the best of it. We wish all the applicants the best of luck.

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