PLPD Boss Dubs it a "Hassle"!

A roundabout centred on Jefferson Street has ended in absolute catastrophe yesterday when a group of enterprising town planners introduced a roundabout to ease congestion on the crossroad. It contained a viewing deck, several metal detectors and there were plans to introduce a swimming pool after a revolving cocktail bar was added. The initial suggested cost was $2,500 and was submitted to the city council for a roundabout with a small flowerbed and shrubberies which was approved, but the planners took a liberal view of the design and built a 10ft tower and ended up costing $750,000.


Local resident, Hung Chow had this to say:

“It was an absolute mess, I crashed my whip into it 5 times and I had to go to the hospital for treatment! My wife left me because of it!”

Several incidents occurred where it unexpectedly collapsed under its own weight and had to be reconstructed again which cost a further $375,000 in repairs which the designers put down to “Malted milk biscuits rather than good quality ones”.

Because of these budgetary issues, the City Council had to cancel plans for an electric shock anger treatment facility which will only cause manbaby enragement syndrome to rise.

We spoke to a traffic officer in the PLPD for comment, Sergeant Tyla Jai had this to say:

“It caused so much hassle, it definitely was not what city council had in mind, we had to drive Smart cars for the entire shift to get around it!”

Several complaints were lodged to the Paralake Council and it was subsequently removed, costing a further $50,000 in labour, police aid and additional biscuits.

Paralake City Council has refused to comment.

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14:36:05 15/09/20

not tolerating any malted milk slander