Drug battle in Paralake City!

Notorious criminal Alfa Ross also known as ‘sorle’ entered the territory of a high-profile unnamed drug dealer in Paralake City yesterday as a very public post announcing this new ‘business venture’ was made on the city’s forum. Ross currently sells cocaine seeds at competitive prices, pushing the unnamed drug dealer to shift his focus to supporting high-profile bank robbers in their activities.

Ross has been a long-time drug manufacturer in Paralake, being responsible for several murders across the city, owns several high-performance cars and properties which can all be attributed to the drug empire which he has cultivated since October 2016 (according to a 2016 census). he is also known for serving in the PLPD (however, this is heavily disputed as being a twin who shares the same name).

Paralake Police Department boss, Deputy-Chief Marie explained the Police Department’s stance on the matter:

"The PLPD are well aware of the drug situation in Paralake and will continue to do our duty in protecting the city in bringing this individual to justice…”

Paralake News can report that through the influx of new seeds to grow more cocaine at a reduced rate in Paralake, the quantity of drugs will only increase as will its use. We spoke to an anonymous representative from the Paralake City Hospital for comment on the drug addiction problem in the City:

“So much of the city funds goes on detaining drug users rather than to treat them, public funds are spent frivolously on unnecessary fantasies held by the PLPD.”

We have been unable to locate Ross or the unknown drug dealer for comment.

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