McGlinchy today announced his resignation from the server staff team.

McGlinchy today gave ParalakeNews a statement saying:

"Following my appointment as Chief of Department, I will be stepping down from Administrator and all staffing duties. I have had a great time staffing the server and assisting the community. I want to thank everyone in the staff team as it wouldn't be the same without them all"


McGlinchy was a much-loved member of the staff team, with many staff members being saddened by his choice to leave, though understanding of his reasoning. McGlinchy was appointed CoD early morning today, in the midst of a crisis. Lots of work is to be done within the PLPD and he believes that the PLPD deserved the bulk of his attention during this time, stating: "I've said since I was an LT [when] I got SMT I would resign."


We wish McGlinchy the best of luck as CoD, and hope one day he may return to the staff team.

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