At approximately 8:30 PM, on September 4th, 2021, A shootout occurred at the city highway bridge. This shootout involved three armed suspects fleeing a scene at the bazaar, and several officers of the Paralake Police department.

The Paralake Police Department originally closed the city highway bridge approximately five minutes before the incident took place, following a hostage situation that took place at the bazaar. The hostage situation reportedly involved three gunmen and one police officer who had been taken hostage.

The gunmen reportedly forced the officer, who has not been identified, under duress to inform the supervisors within the Paralake Police Department that the mayor had committed a crime, and needed to be removed from office. The gunmen's motives were unclear, however, the PLPD speculates that it was due to the %50 sales tax imposed at the time. The mayor was removed from office in accordance with the evidence provided by the officer under duress.

Following the mayor's removal from office, the Paralake Police Department received another demand from the suspects, requesting $5000, and for the barrier, they had constructed at Flobers Street to be removed. The PLPD Complied, to ensure the safe return of their officer and moved their barriers further down, to the City Highway Bridge. No broadcast was made to the public to avoid alerting the suspects that there was still an obstacle present.

The Assailants attempted to flee via the blocked route, having their tires punctured by PLPD Spikes. Both suspect vehicles, being one green, and one pink McLaren P1 were rendered inoperable. The three armed suspects emerged from their vehicles and engaged with the officers on the scene.

All three suspects were incapacitated in a shootout with the PLPD. Two officers on the scene were injured, but both are expected to make full recoveries. Following medical treatment, one suspect was pronounced dead on the scene. The remaining two suspects were resuscitated, and charged with 6.7 of 9.5, resulting in a 5-year sentence, and a $5000 fine.

Three civilian vehicles were damaged on the scene by the spikes. We reached out to Major Jimmy Brown of the PLPD, who said that the damage caused to the vehicles was easily repaired, and no civilians were hurt. He also wished to issue a public apology to the citizens who had their vehicles damaged, but also added, "Their inconvenience helped stop three extremely dangerous and armed individuals."

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