#Freak – Why is this top trending on Tooter and what it means for you

With the recent re-release of Tooter (available on all phones as pre-installed software) there has been an unexpected rise of one particular hashtag, rising above both #gungame123 (used to show support for a rare but much-needed purge with government supplied weapons) and #plpd (a vital public relation tool used by the PLPD to communicate with the citizens of Paralake) but yet, even with its popularity many people are out of the loop.

We’ll be going into the depths of Paralake to try and establish a true meaning and the correct usage of #Freak on Tooter.

Freak has two meanings in the English language, both of which are important to establish the context and the common usage of #Freak:

-          A very unusual and unexpected event or situation.

-          A person, animal, or plant with an unusual physical abnormality.

Now the simpleton would assume that the hashtag would be used to either complement a person, calling them a freak for doing something insane or outright stupid but succeeding, or either as an insult towards their physical features. But. They are wrong.

After a deep dive into the hashtag I found some re-occurring phrases:

-          Lok-Jing-Sheng

-          Dogs

-          Pug

-          Cumming

-          RSPCA

Like strands of hair on a head, one single phrase may be considered insignificant. But when put together they combine into a crusty perm and skin-fade on the head of a weasley little 10-year-old citizen of Paralake.

Lok-Jing-Sheng has had a long and clean past, a bit too clean, having never committed a crime or done anything wrong even while “growing up” around murderers and 2-bit meth smoking, police punching, overdosing, wife-beating scum for his entire life.
But, being the investigative journalist I am I decided to dig deeper and deeper until I found what he has been hiding the entire time.

A dark past and an even darker present.

Lok-Jing-Sheng was born on the 2nd of February, 2009 on the windy coast of Docks. He was plopped out of his mother womb right outside of the doors of the Pub. He was born weighing 5kg’s and supposedly he lived inside the McUwes bathroom where he learnt to hustle in the streets learning how to rob, steal and gamble to feed his addiction for an online roleplaying game known as ‘Moshi Monsters’.

The exact date is unknown, but around his 8th birthday he finally broke, escalating his crimes to those directly affecting other people, more specifically their pets.

Now re-writing the exact police report for his first incident will render the entire article L.a.D (Look and Die) and in the interest of not being found dead with a noose around my neck or a re-enacting a certain scene in Shooter (the movie) I will only details relevant to the hashtag and the hashtag alone.

After a leak within the PLPD involving Luke Harper and various other high-ranking officers many files were leaked onto the internet – I guess they didn’t pay attention to the internet safety video.
One of those files was that of Lok-Jing-Sheng as his heinous crime.

Public outcry ensued, the majority wondering why he wasn’t arrested and deported while others just simply wanted to know when he would next upload after his long break from Youtube, but it never reached the required traction to make it known by all.
That was until tooter was re-launched last week.

With the ability to instantly communicate and spread information to all, Tooter was able to give proverbial fuel to the fire and re-ignite the public.

#Freak is used as a public forum to share spotting of Lok-Jing-Sheng in an attempt to protect others, and for people to share their personal experiences with him.

Some have even used the hashtag as a platform to host their activism – The owner of the Tooter account @RSPCA has regularly tweeted the location of Lok-Jing-Sheng and even reported many of his actions to the PLPD. After asking the owner for an interview he simply responded “Boss man I don’t know wagwan but that can’t run”.

In short, as a public service you need to do you part and regularly post spottings of Lok-Jing-Sheng on Tooter with the hashtag #freak.
This is a public service message and everyone needs to help.

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