Halloween is already in full swing in Paralake with a few additions being made to the city including the introduction of costumes! 


(Below Hayden James dressed as Metrocop)

Two items are now available to craft under a new tab named “Halloween” in the mixtures menu! The candy package, which is crafted using one pumpkin, gives you assorted candies (up to 3) which can be eaten, collected, or traded in for one of the costumes like the one above! The Jack-O-Lantern is purely for decoration and is crafted using one pumpkin and one lantern. Both require no additional skills.


Once you have gathered enough candy from these boxes you can trade them in for costumes, I’ll let you try them on for yourself but the number of candies you will need ranges from 10, for a terrorist themed outfit, all the way up to 745 for the Iron Man costume (A full list of prices is available at the bottom of this article)



Also available are two new items of headwear equitable for no charge, all you have to do is talk to the skeleton and ask for either the pumpkin head or the witches hat (both look great)!


Finally, new events will be hosted in the lead up to Halloween, like today’s murder crow event where swarms of murderous crows were unleashed across the city, even killing the mayor at one point. There have also been multiple sightings of ghosts across the city with police asking for backup from Ghostbusters. We look forward to seeing what the staff team have coming up for us next with special thanks to Samuel and Tinyslayer for their hard work making these events possible.


How to get a suit:

Firstly you’re going to need at least 10 candies to buy your first suit, acquire these by purchasing pumpkin seeds from the pub or Hungaries then find any suitable bit of ground to place them in and wait for them to grow into pumpkins (You can grow 5 at a time). Once you have these they can be crafted into a candy package which when opened will give you up to 3 candies.


These candies can then be traded in at the skeleton by creepy tree found by hicktown on the map below:


The prices start at 10 candies for a terrorist outfit and go all the way up to 175 candies for an iron man suit! There are also free hats available from the skeleton. 


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