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Earlier today, Dom stepped down from Community Manager citing real life commitments as the reason, with Ethan being quickly promoted to the role under Dom's recommendation.

Dom commented on this, noting that Ethan had expressed his aptitude for the role and given many suggestions during the time Dom filled the role, noting that he wishes Ethan the best of luck and trusts him to fulfill the role well.

So, what's Ethan changing?

Ethan has come into the role with several ideas, and has disclosed a few to the team at PLN. A big issue for him as well as SLT is the current toxcitiy within the community and towards newer players within the server. Ethan said players can expect Senior Administration to clamp down on toxicity (1.1) in the hopes of making the server a better place for all. This also entails promoting the community to help newer players, with Ethan mentioning the possibility of SA offering rewards for users spotted promoting RP as well as helping newer players as well as promoting them through a thread, similar to what SPOOK does on his thread "roleplay". Ethan told PLN that the current attempts for helping newer players such as Starting kits aswell as help.perpheads.com have helped massively, but he still believes more can be done.

As well as comnatting toxicity and helping new players, Ethan plans to host a Trailer Competion, which you can expect to see in around a week. This entails a competion, most likely with VIP or Cash rewards for participants who can make a trailer. Ideally the trailer will be informative and "educational" to not only appeal to new players but help them as they get started on the server.

Lastly, Ethan plans on hosting a number of RP events to promote RP, like previously stated. RP events will most likely be opt-in, with things such as Car Shows, similar to what SPOOK hosted recently.


Many have also brought up that Ethan has no experience, specifically within the staff team. This is something SA and Ethan are aware off, but would like to emphasise that Community Manager has no administrative powers or roles, and is completely focused on the community.

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