What are the community awards?

The community awards are announced yearly where a number of users can win in multiple categories.

New CM Ethan announced this year, saying "It's a great way to encourage community engagement, something as CM I aim to focus on improving."


If you'd like to vote, you can do so here:




Categories you can vote for are as follows:

As well as staff awards:

Unsure on who to vote for?

PLN Officially endorses;

Flugs - Best Administrator

TinySlayer - Best Owner

Collier - Best in Senior Administration

Madda - Staff Member of the Year

Samuel - Best Developer


Any from the following for Best Moderator:








Jay Hatch - Best Cop

SPOOK - Best Roleplay

DJ Conyo - Biggest Memer/Comedian/Shitposter

Dom - Most Controversial (sorry sir)

Rogue - Most Helpful

Benji - Best Suggestions

FARSTAD - Most Salty



I of course cant finish without selling my soul and asking for you all to vote for me! 76561198104586325


These are all loose suggestions and not recommendations! Choose based on your own personal experience and vote!

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