Collier removed from head office, what’s next for the PD?


With the controversy surrounding collier growing each day it was beginning to feel like our concerns were falling on deaf ears, however, just last night change finally came as McGlinchy was appointed the new Chief of Department with Collier being demoted and joining Momo as Deputy. It is currently uncertain how permanent this is and whether or not there will be an election to decide the Chief but for now, McGlinchy has a mammoth task on his hands. 


I spoke to multiple members of the community including some of the PD senior leadership team and the general consensus seems to be that McGlinchy is more than capable of running the PD for now. Other community members were upset that McGlinchy had been appointed Chief with no consultation with the community and many would like to see an election in the near future. I spoke to Samuel, whose resignation sparked a lot of the conversation around Collier’s fatal inactivity, and he told me “I was the one that told Fredy to demote Collier and give [McGlinchy]” A lot of people respect Samuel and trust him to maks sensible decisions however a lot of the people I spoke to today were upset by the fact there wasn’t an election and most people weren’t even aware, until I told them, that McGlinchy had been appointed Chief. 


A large portion of the community believes we should be having more regular elections with 89% of people voting for regular elections, there is a clear want for more transparency and democracy when it comes to deciding who sits at the top of the department. When interviewing Fredy he said: “The PD isn't a democratic institution and never was, so no.” confirming, despite the wishes of a lot of community members, there won’t be an election to find a new chief.


Most people in the community it was about time for Collier’s reign to come to an end, with worrying inactivity and basic functions of the chief’s office taking months to complete along with controversy in his choice of Deputy Chief just a few weeks into his time in office it is definitely the right time for Collier to be removed.


A lot of people are upset by the lack of transparency, however, the situation was, and still is to some extent, dire. continues to break the law every day and Samuel was the only one trying to fix this with the release of v2 slowed by Samuel’s departure it raises the question of what is happening next, a priority for McGlinchy should be to either find a replacement for Samuel or get him back on board which he indicated he was happy to do purely acting as an external contractor he appears unwilling to get involved with the actual department again. Samuel has suggested that all positions of command should be reviewed and a dedicated project manager should be appointed to oversee the overhaul of the department, not just the intranet. 



Overall it seems there is a lot for McGlinchy to get on with and it is reassuring Samuel isn’t completely ruling out the possibility of him helping launch a new that complies with the department’s legal obligations and provides a platform for higher quality leadership including the possible introduction of an entirely automated system for most jobs with the exception of command positions. Speaking to McGlinchy he seems enthusiastic to get these issues resolved, he was unaware of the legal issues surrounding but has assured us he will look into these and fix them as soon as possible. We wish him all the best with these challenges he faces as chief and hope to see these issues resolved as soon as possible.


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22:14:52 10/09/20