After an exclusive interview with current CoD, McGlinchy, PLN has been given an exclusive first look at "Blue Duck", v2.

Its fairly common knowledge within the development team and PLPD SMT that the current version (1.1 Vanilla Bear), is full of issues. These issues entail mainly stability issues as well as security vulnerabilities. Though, while this is widely known within SMT and other highly involved members of the PLPD, it's often lesser-known within the wider community, with only rumours about V2 every surfacing. The new version seeks to fix these security and stability bugs, whilst also offering a new, refreshing UI.

Without further ado, here are a few sneak peeks at the UI!


When can we see this begin to release?

McGlinchy says the development team hope to release this by Janurary but expect no guarantees. Development on the project has slowed he also said as development has been focused on fixing issues within the current version, though Development should be picking up with the goal of finishing by late January.

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Kommandant A1L
22:53:19 13/10/20


00:15:23 14/10/20

hurry up

Russian Super Hero
16:27:56 18/10/20

I like this