A new Night Club has opened in Paralake City's Factory District of the Business Sector. Employing several bartenders, a disc jockey, and a dancer, this new location promises to provide something for every adult in Paralake City. Hundreds have already visited, and for an entry fee of $1000, many citizens feel they are getting their money's worth.

Paralake News had a chance to sit down with the owner of the location, Rotonde Kreisverkehr to ask a few questions about the establishment. 

PLN: Suffice to say this is an unusual location to build a club. What made you choose an abandoned warehouse?

RK: "The trend at the moment seems to be creating venues in large open spaces, and this seemed the perfect location. It has lots of space and plenty of power for our DJ sets and bar, plus we can excuse the industrial look as a trendy venue." 

PLN: "Your club also offers a range of entertainment. How did you decide what you would include?"


RK: "We [also] scaled the area for local artists and venue entertainers, suffice to say we successfully found ourselves a team, and yeah it just went from there really."

PLN: "Now, what are some of your goals by opening up a business that uses local art and locations? What would you like to achieve?"

RK: "Well obviously the revenue we generate is our number one priority, so we can continue to host events across Paralake City.  But, ideally, we'd like to make a name for ourselves and invite more influential celebrities and get ourselves on the global register."

PLN:  "If there is one thing you'd like your customers to take away from their time here, what would that be?"

RK: "They would have to come away with being happy that they've visited the best club in Paralake." 

Rotonde ended the interview with a laugh, before returning to help her employees in their tasks operating the nightclub. In addition to the parker Night Club, Rotonde Kreisverkehr is also the owner of the "Roundabout Now" Furniture store operating inside the bazaar of Paralake City, as well as a prominent spokesman for the installation of road safety infrastructure. She plans to open more venues for the citizens of Paralake City in the future.












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